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I Have a huge passion for gaming from playing Zelda on the original Nintendo as a kid - to- competing in the Halo HCS 2015-2016 winter season. I provide various content from news, guides and gameplay for the site. A father of 2 amazing boys. My dream is to make this site successful, we work hard to provide the content to our gamers. I hope you all are enjoying it!

How To Complete House of the Afflicted Tomb

House of the Afflicted Tomb House of the Afflicted is located in the NE of Geothermal Valley. In order to find the entrance the player will notice a crawl space that Lara would have to go through. Make sure you as the player have enough ammo because once you crawl to the other side will be attacked by a pack of wolves. Once they are down, break open the entrance door and just follow the path. Make...[Read More]

How To Complete The Red Mine Tomb

The Red Mine Tomb The Red Mine Tomb will be located in the Soviet Installation area when continuing the story, Located on the far right where the train cargo is. The player would need to travel upwards, jumping from one side of the building to another. Once halfway will see green lighting around the area with chimes to indicate the tomb entrance. Make sure to use Instinct to collect all the items ...[Read More]

How To Complete The Voice of God Tomb

Voice of God Tomb The Voice of God Tomb in Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Year celebration. For me I played it on the Xbox One and found this tomb when heading to do the Baba Yaga mission which is a DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider, (included in the 20th year Edition). The mission will take the player towards the snowy mountains, Reaching a certain point climbing up from a ledge to a huge temple entr...[Read More]

Locate Crypt #1 in Soviet Installation

Locate Crypt #1 in Soviet Installation Locate Crypt #1 in Soviet Installation gameplay below provides a walkthrough and map location to one of the hidden crypts within the Soviet Installation area. Hope you enjoy the video, if so thumbs it up and subscribe for more!

How To Complete The Prophets Tomb

How To Complete The Prophets Tomb The Prophets Tomb is the first tomb the player encounters in the beginning of the story. Getting to the Prophets Tomb is easy and It’s pretty much self explanatory. Starting from the outside of the Temple, move to your left climb and jump the obstacles to reach the edge of the temple.   You as the player will then climb on the edge to reach the entrance. Mak...[Read More]

How To Translate The Monolith

How To Translate The Monolith In the beginning in the story, you play as Lara Croft trying to reach the Prophets Tomb before another organization known as Trinity does. This is the area before you get to the temple where the Prophets Tomb is located, has some hidden treasure you can find.   First you would need to locate all of the Murals within the area. Once you do, you’ll unlock the abili...[Read More]

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the sequel to the reboot series of Tomb Raider released in 2013 developed by Crystal Dynamics. Taking place after the events of the first game, Lara Croft sets off to her first expedition to solve the hidden secrets and myths to the Lost City of Kitezh. However during this new journey, Lara crosses path with Trinity an organization willing to do whatever it takes to get ...[Read More]

How to Complete Temple of the Handmaidens

How to Complete Temple of the Handmaidens For Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, How to Complete Temple of the Handmaidens. Now this Tomb is not hard is easy however may take two or three tries to complete as it’s all about timing.   Once you walk in, The player would need to move to the left and will find a gear. Use your pick axe to get the obstacle course started. The floating bell (has a re...[Read More]

How To Complete Stormguard Sanctum Tomb

Stormguard Sanctum Tomb This tomb is also pretty easy, the first thing to do is to light up all the torches above you with the fire arrow to illuminate the area. Then on your left the player will notice debris of barrels blocking the path with a green gas above. Shoot the barrels to explode and clear the path way, then immediately your way up. Once you do so there will be 2 more hanging torches th...[Read More]

How to complete The Chamber of Judgment Tomb

Chamber of Judgment   This tomb is pretty easy. Once the player enters the tomb, will notice a seesaw and across from hit will also see that you have to find a way to jump onto the climbable wall. First the player will locate yellow containers laying around and place them on the seesaw (the side lifted upwards).   Once you have placed enough containers the seesaw will be weighted down to the groun...[Read More]

How to complete The Wind Room

How to complete The Wind Room The wind room is a story event in which the player would need to figure out how to get the bell to drop in order break the floor underneath. As the player you’ll notice two shutters on each side that can either be opened or closed, Once opened the player has a limited time to complete the action before it closes again.  Also on each side are wooden post that are...[Read More]

How to complete the Well of Tears Tomb

How to complete Well of Tears Tomb This tomb can be a little tricky as it’s all about timing. Once the player walks in, will notice yellow containers laying around the area. Grab the containers and throw them on the lifted platform, the weight of the containers will help lower the platform to the ground.   Now stand on the platform, remove one of the containers but throw it on top of the led...[Read More]

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