How To Complete House of the Afflicted Tomb


House of the Afflicted Tomb

House of the Afflicted is located in the NE of Geothermal Valley. In order to find the entrance the player will notice a crawl space that Lara would have to go through. Make sure you as the player have enough ammo because once you crawl to the other side will be attacked by a pack of wolves. Once they are down, break open the entrance door and just follow the path. Make sure to use instinct to find hidden items as well collectibles, they provide great EXP to level up. In the main room, will notice an obstacle which at first feels a little overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Don’t worry, it does come together pretty easily.


First move straight ahead use your instinct to see the movable cart, pull it or push it outside as far as you can. Then secondly when facing the entrance to the left will see an anchor and a platform, attach the two using the rope arrow and walk back towards the entrance again.


Face the front of the main room and use instinct again, on the 2nd level a lever will be highlighted. Use the rope arrow to pull and activate the lever. The player will be timed to run towards the weight (on the right side), quickly look at the cart (the cart moved earlier) use the rope arrow and bind it with the weight. Be quick because the weight will go back up if not completed in time. The weight will help keep the other platforms elevated ( platform tied with the anchor).


Finally go towards the entrance for the last time Lol, up the set of stairs, then Jump on the platforms onto the ledge to reach the artifact!

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