How To Complete The Red Mine Tomb


This is a quick tutorial on how you can both locate and complete the red mine tomb in Rise of the Tomb Raider. We also attached a video for you to view if you’re still having trouble with your directions.

The Red Mine Tomb

The Red Mine Tomb will be located in the Soviet Installation area when continuing the story, Located on the far right where the train cargo is. The player would need to travel upwards, jumping from one side of the building to another. Once halfway will see green lighting around the area with chimes to indicate the tomb entrance.

Make sure to use Instinct to collect all the items and collectibles on your way down.  At one point you’ll notice a wall of debris blocking your path with water flowing in front of it. Now for me I felt slow lol because i couldn’t figure it out for a few a while, but find a flammable object and throw it over the pipe to hit the debris behind the water. The path will clear to continue, into the main room in which the artifact is located.

In this tomb it is required to explore the area and use the instinct to see what actions the player needs to take. The artifact room is blocked by debris and water flow just like the previous room. You have to block the water in order to burn the debris to clear the path. To do so, go across the room, up the stairs and will notice a mine cart (use instinct) that you can rope pull to move it forward.

Then go down the stairs mid way and will notice a pole to swing across on to the building. At the top you will be able to overlook the area and see the mine cart in front. Use instinct to see where you need to shoot the rope arrow and the pole to hold the cart (is on your left side).

Now that you have the rope holding the mine cart move to your left and jump down. Go up the first set of stairs face the metal bucket holding coal, jump on bucket to allow the mine cart swing across to block the water.


The debris is now visible, Go back to the platform you just jumped off from and to the right should see a crate filed with flammable bottles. Throw the bottle to burn down the debris, finally sprint and jump on to the ledge to collect the artifact!

Can also watch the video below. [No Commentary]


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