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How to Complete Temple of the Handmaidens

How to Complete Temple of the Handmaidens

For Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, How to Complete Temple of the Handmaidens. Now this Tomb is not hard is easy however may take two or three tries to complete as it’s all about timing.


Once you walk in, The player would need to move to the left and will find a gear. Use your pick axe to get the obstacle course started. The floating bell (has a red light on top) will start moving, This is when you need to start moving to the left as soon as possible but DO NOT jump just yet across!


Before you jump the player must quickly pull on the wooden pulley using the arrow-rope to slow down. Wait just for a moment for the floating bell until the bar is aligned to then jump across onto the climbable wall to collect the artifact! Hope this has been helpful.

Can also watch the video down below.

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