How To Complete The Prophets Tomb


How To Complete The Prophets Tomb

The Prophets Tomb is the first tomb the player encounters in the beginning of the story. Getting to the Prophets Tomb is easy and It’s pretty much self explanatory. Starting from the outside of the Temple, move to your left climb and jump the obstacles to reach the edge of the temple.


You as the player will then climb on the edge to reach the entrance. Make sure to use your senses to find as much loot and murals you can! it’s important as Rise of the Tomb Raider has added crafting into the game to enhance your weaponry and carrying cases. The Murals helps Lara learn to translate in different languages to find hidden treasures located throughout the game.


The player will reach a point where the floor collapses. Notice a breakable wall on your left, break the wall to fill the room with water and right above you’ll see a plank that you would need to shoot down to stand on in order to climb out.


As you progress, will get caught up into a death trap. Consisting of a bear trap with swinging spikes that you would need to shoot to avoid death. (don’t worry it’ll be in slow motion). Once you have survived the trap, would swim to the entrance of the Prophets Tomb.

On your right will see a breakable wall to fill the room with water. The water will rise high enough to swim across to reach the other side. Make sure to use your instinct/senses to find loot around and make sure to look closely as you’ll also notice sparkling on the floor which indicates hidden items to dig up.


In the same area there is a 3 story building, walk around to find a ramp to jump to the 2nd level. Be careful when walking through level 2 as the floor starts to cave in. Would then jump onto 2 platforms to get across, run through the tunnel and a trap will appear in slow motion in which you would need to shoot at.


Passed the tunnel, move ahead to see a hanging platform, quickly jump on the platform and immediately jump off on to the ledge. The platform will begin to descend (for a limited time) flowing water into the area. Use your instinct/senses to find the breakable wall (bottom right side), will allow water to flow and rise within the area.

You’ll also notice a 2nd platform just dangling, shoot the piece holding the platform to drop it on top of the water. Now jump back onto the hanging platform that you came from to flow water again. Time is limited, so quickly jump off and will see the 2nd platform move against a wall, climb up the wall, look towards the same platform you just jumped off from, but this time jump on the plank and the rush of water will flow you over the gate to finally collect the artifact!


Can also watch the gameplay here!


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