How To Complete The Voice of God Tomb


Rise of the Tomb Raider how to complete the voice of god tomb tutorial. Please read the article and enjoy our tutorial video on how you can complete the challenging tomb.

Voice of God Tomb

The Voice of God Tomb in Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Year celebration. For me I played it on the Xbox One and found this tomb when heading to do the Baba Yaga mission which is a DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider, (included in the 20th year Edition). The mission will take the player towards the snowy mountains, Reaching a certain point climbing up from a ledge to a huge temple entrance.

The character in the game will radio in saying “do not enter the temple and to move further down the mountain”, disregard her because you can actually go in and complete the tomb. Once you walk in on the left will see a gear to close the entrance door.


The closed door is climbable to get to the ledge on the right. Jumped down to collect all the items in the area and on your left facing the hanging weight you will see a breakable wall. Go through the wall and re-open the entrance door. A quick scene will appear to show the wind pushing the hanging object to break the ice.


Go back through the wall you broke earlier again, Now this is pretty challenging as it took me a few try’s because it’s all about timing.

Rope the hanging weight to the gear, on the right of the gear will give you the option to detached the weight. Listen very closely, as the wind comes detached the weight to the gear to allow the wind to swing across and break the ice holding the 2nd weight.


Now that you have accomplished this struggle Lol can go back to the main room on the right is a gear to open the door to (opposite to the entrance) to collect the artifact!

Watch the video below [No Commentary].


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