Defeating Char Clawbster Dream Drop Distance w/ Riku


Defeating Char Clawbster Dream Drop Distance w/ Riku

Dream Drop Distance Char Clawbster

“Riku attacking Char Clawbster”

 Defeating Char Clawbster w/ Riku in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue-Dream Drop Distance. This boss fight in Prankster Town was fun and simple. Was nice to play through without having any issues and continue the game. Don’t get it wrong, I enjoy challenging games like Halo in Legendary and Ninja Gaiden or Dark Souls. But Kingdom Hearts is not a game to be expected to be as challenging, I start to laugh thinking this colorful sweet game is kicking my tail and questioning why is this game difficult when going against Wargoyle and Rinzler? I almost was not looking forward to the next boss at the same time feeling embarrassed.

 Defeating Char Clawbster w/ Riku is fairly simple. Char Clawbster has 4 1/2 bars of health and uses range fire attacks. The strategy for this boss is  easy with Riku level 21, equip all dash attacks such as Sliding Dash, Thunder Dash, and Fire Windmill. Dashing forward towards Char Clawbster to avoid attacks and get right behind to unload a fury of attacks including the commands mentioned. Just try not to jump to high as he has a tail spinning like a propeller. Char Clawbster will crawl his way up to the ceiling, Do not worry as it’s nothing like taking on Rinzler. There is a switch on both ends of the room that you’re in. Hit the switch and the platform will reverse. Rinse and repeat and Char Clawbster is finished.

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