Defeating Commantis In Dream Drop Distance with Riku


Defeating Commantis In Dream Drop Distance with Riku

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8

Sora with other main characters from the series

Alright gamers finally we have an easier boss fight this time around! To be honest I truly did not expect for this game to be as challenging as it is. From the YouTube comments I’ve been getting from these gameplay videos, great feedback and happy we are working together on defeating these bosses. Let’s talk about what I did and my strategy for you against Commantis! Defeating Commantis In Dream Drop Distance with Riku, you as the player will be closed in a circular arena with an invisible force field. A flow-motion ring is on the floor (circulating the arena) allowing you to grind around Commantis as well can use various flow-motion combos. With Riku (depending on your level) best to have dash attacks equipped, which provides great mobility when facing Commantis. I focused on physical attack when using Riku, therefore I’ve selected the key-blade that boosted physical attacks. Reason I had equipped the dash attacks, can easily get back on the flow-motion ring  to attack immediately with those flow-motion combos > dash attack and back on the ring again! This works perfectly! Especially when Commantis is trying to come after you, player can easily reverse the direction to avoid any and all attacks coming from Commantis. One thing is to pay ATTENTION when Commantis is stunned because you would need to quickly press Triangle and Square to hack Commantis to avoid Commantis from re-energizing it’s health. As long as you can hack Commantis successfully the first time, it’s an easy battle from there!

Watch the gameplay video below from KrazyCarnage21!


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