Defeating Holey Moley


Defeating Holey Moley

      Defeating Holey Moley is absolutely easy however a little bit time consuming. Reason is Moley has the ability to use a portal to spawn in different areas in the theatre. The theatre is a large open area, so I ended up spending time looking for Moley. Moley can only attack (short range) once you go after it, he does not teleport towards the player always away from the player.

I would recommend to equip magic commands that are long range (to cause damage from a distance and have a better view point of the area) to find Moley quicker when he teleports. That way you can be far enough on the map to get a better view to see where Moley had went. After causing enough damage, Moley will disappear and spawn hand-claws dancing around the room. You would need to defeat these hand-claws to get Moley to come out again. Defeating Holey Moley is truly easy, so no specific strategy is needed just have fun defeating him! For more Kingdom Hearts game-play click Here.


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