Defeating Rinzler in Dream Drop Distance w/ Sora


Defeating Rinzler in Dream Drop Distance w/ Sora

Okay.. so this has been by far the most difficult boss fight! I honestly had to stop playing the game for a couple of days. I thought Wargoyle was bad.. pssss Rinzler is absolutely ridiculously challenging! Loss after loss I’ve finally.. FINALLY defeated him Lol. Even when I made the gameplay video I was exhausted of just thinking of Rinzler, wanted to close that chapter and NOT look back (You can even hear it in my voice).

“Gameplay video battling Rinzler”

Defeating Rinzler in Dream Drop Distance w/ Sora strategy..hhmmm to be honest felt like I just got lucky. I’ve rolled and evaded so much that I am surprised haven’t got a PS Trophy for it! After several losses, I honestly started to think like a boxer (sport) and tried to perfect my counter punching skills like I was Juan Manuel Marquez. I learned to just relax, be patient and simply wait for it. Rinzler has 4 health bars, so keep in mind it’s going to be a long fight. Once I saw Rinzler ready to attack, I rolled then attacked him and immediately evaded away from Rinzler. I used Magic Range attacks such as Fira and Blizzard to keep some form of damage done to him from distance.

About every minute the arena changes from base floor to the ceiling fighting upside down. At this point (when upside down) The movements are inverted and by the life of me I couldn’t attack without fail.  I just continued to evade until I was back on the floor. *NOTE once back on the floor you must immediately evade out of the way  because Rinzler will attack you without hesitation and deal a large amount of damage. If hit by Rinzler try NOT to attack right back as he can easily land 2 or 3 hits that cannot be blocked. I hope that this helps to get an idea of Rinzlers fighting style. Can also watch more Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 gameplay Here!


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