Dream Drop Distance Defeating the 3 bosses at once


Dream Drop Distance Defeating the 3 bosses at once!

     Dream Drop Distance Defeating the 3 bosses at once! In Dream Drop Distance the player would have to face and defeat 3 bosses Hockomonkey, Wargoyle and Clawbster at once in order to continue the chase of a dream eater. I would recommend to at least be level 30 and make sure to have Curaga command equipped along with Hi-Potions. There are no checkpoints, if you’re defeated you’ll have to start all over. Hockomonkey and Clawbster is fairly easy to defeat but Wargoyle is the most difficult. It took several defeats in order to come up with a game plan but nothing too difficult to rage about. What I did as a strategy was just pay attention to the attacks from the bosses to get an idea of the play style such as amount of damage taken and timing.

       For Hockomonkey-First thing you’ll notice is the street lights and barrels. Do not use the barrels save these for Wargoyle. With Hockomonkey take advantage with the street lights and the walls to use the Flow-motion mechanics against him. Just keep spamming the spinning attack as it causes massive damage. As well remember you still have 2 more bosses to beat so save those potions too.

Once you have defeated Hockomonkey, now it’s the hard part. Wargoyle is just as deadly as he was earlier in the game. However this time the player is closed in a tight area which makes it even more difficult. With Wargoyle, you as the player would need to dish out everything you have. I had Sora equipped with mainly magic range commands. Use the same flow-motion techniques used against Hockomonkey as well the barrels around the area. The barrels will have Wargoyle laid out and stunned to which gives the player just enough time to use all magic commands. If your health is low make sure to heal first then use the other commands. Don’t forget, if you’re defeated you have to start all over again.

Now that you finally have defeated Wargoyle, can relax a bit and defeat Clawbster. Clawbster is the easiest of them all, doesn’t have range attacks and it’s slow. Again use the flow-motion combos and can even evade to use other commands as well your spirit technique to cause some heavy damage to end the battle quick. Once all three bosses are defeated what I would recommend to do is level up to at least level 40. At this point of the game, the player will face back to back bosses between the two characters Riku and Sora. For more Kingdom Hearts gameplay click here!


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