Defeating Xemnas with Sora


Defeating Xemnas with Sora

     Defeating Xemnas with Sora was a fun and challenging boss fight! I enjoyed this boss battle because it’s a fast pace fight and tested my skills. Xemnas is really quick with two light sabers, damaging force fields and the ability to vanish. This boss fight took me a few try’s to finally defeat him. Evading is a key element in this battle, have hi potions equipped along with Curaga. Make sure to assign your commands in order to chain them against Xemnas without having to scroll the command list so much. Below can watch how I defeated Xemnas.

      Xemnas is real quick and when he is attacking non-stop just continue to evade until he calms down and then attack. At a point of the battle Xemnas will vanish to the end of the platform and throw debris at you, this is important because it gives the player enough time to heal and charge up Curaga. Evading the debris is easy, also gives the player time to collect his or hers thoughts on the next attack. This makes it easier to launch a massive attack to him. Xemnas has the ability to box you in with a force-field which causes damage when touched and can also block with a square force field too so be careful when chaining your attacks. Now that you have an idea go out their and defeat Xemnas! For more Kingdom Hearts and Square Enix gameplay click here.


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