Deus Ex Mankind Divided Getting In NSN Server Room


One of the difficult part of Deus Ex Mankind Divided was getting in the NSN server room or locating the card key to unlock the door. This guide will help you do just that and to make it even easier for you, no card is needed to get in!

nsn server roomThe video above shows you that you do not need to obtain a card to unlock the NSN room. Instead, go back to the stairs area and you will see a small hidden vent that you can open and go through. The vent will take you right in the NSN server room. Another challenging part of the game was hacking into the door right when you get in the NSN room. The trick for that as displayed in the video is to look at the top left corner and you will see an opening in which you can climb on. The opening will have a small hatch you can open up and climb down on which will lead you part the door without having to hack it which is quite challenging.


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