Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Launches In 2017 For The PS4


Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will be makings its way to the Playstation 4 in 2017 according to Square Enix. Players can expect several modern advancements when they return to Ivalice, including an entirely reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Launches In 2017 For The PS4

final fantasy xii the zodiac age

Updated Next Gen Graphics

Final Fantasy XII fans will have the great pleasure of seeing one of the more popular Final Fantasy games on the next gen when the game launches in 2017. We’ve included a few photos for you to look at in the images section of the Final Fantasy XII homepage.

Newly recorded soundtrack

Final Fantasy XII’s soundtrack features some of the most beloved songs in the series’ history, and this was a perfect opportunity to revisit its epic score. Square Enix will re-record the epic soundtrack so fans can expect those to return to the remaster.


A recurring feature in Final Fantasy games, the job system allows you to assign one of a dozen or so roles to a character, providing them with unique skills and stat growth opportunities depending on which job you chose. Expect some adjustments but it will still make a come back in the remake.

We will keep you updated on the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age homepage for any new information.


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