Final Fantasy XV Beating Malboro Guide


Our latest Final Fantasy guide features beating Malboro which we hope gives you a better understanding on how to defeat one of the more challenging monsters in the game. Please enjoy the article and video tutorial!

Final Fantasy XV Beating Malboro GuideMalboro can be challenging due to his horrible breath that can pretty much end you and your party in one turn. What I found most helpful was to craft powerful elemancy and stay far away from him. If you’re within his range, the smoke from his breath will get you and you will die. I also found it helpful to let him launch his poison smoke and after it clears warp attack him from afar which will deal him great damage. Once you do your warp attack don’t forget to move away because his poison smoke will be releasing shortly after.

You will pretty much end his health bar about two or three times and he will keep healing himself, just keep going at it and keep looking back for a red arrow. That red arrow that will appear all the way in the back pretty much ends the battle for you if you go to it. Please enjoy the video for more details.


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