Final Fantasy XV How To Beat Leviathan


A Final Fantasy XV guide on how to beat Leviathan which is one of the battles where you have to prove your worth in order to get the summon. Please enjoy our video and article tutorial and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!

how to beat leviathanThe key to beating Leviathan is not to actually press random buttons to kill him, you want to warp into rocks to get a clear visual on where he is. Once Leviathan comes out of the water you want to warp attack his head until a cut scene opens up. Remember, the key is to not get crazy, just warp out of his reach to the nearby floating rocks and then you just keep warping to force a cut scene just like in the Titan battle.

We won’t spoil the cut scene for you but after the cut scene is when it gets easier since Noctis get a bit of a boost. Enjoy the video below and we hope this tutorial helps!


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