Final Fantasy XV Upcoming DLC Info


Final Fantasy XV was released globally on Nov 29. Final Fantasy XV is well praised by many gamers and breaking the franchises own record! The next question in mind is, when will the DLC details and release dates be? Square Enix has shined some light on those details as of recent.  Right before the launch for Final Fantasy XV Square Enix revealed some content from what they called “The Mystery Disc”.

CEO Yosuke Matsuda as a playable character

Final Fantasy XV Upcoming DLC Info

In that content was a Boss fight using the CEO Yosuke Matsuda as a playable character, having similar abilities of the main character Noctis as well as new. The many fans of Final Fantasy enjoyed the Boss fight so much to the point, fans of the series stated was willing to pay for it. The Director Hajime Tabata has confirmed would be released as a future DLC. Also a Free DLC known as “Holiday Pack” is scheduled to be released soon proving the “New Game+” option as well some additional content. No specific release date has been noted at this time.

[Update] Dec 08,2016

DLC content details has been provided recently from game director Hajime Tabata. The game director indicated due to the great reception of the game, The development team will be able to continue to provide more content throughout the upcoming year! What is also awesome is, Not only will the fans of Final Fantasy XV get more content, some of the content will be FREE. Below you can view the items discussed by Square Enix as well payable DLC from the season Pass.

  • Playable (key) Characters
  • New bosses
  • Additional story elements
  • Enhancements to Chapter 13
  • Achievements
  • Magic Buffs
  • Limited time “Hunt” events
  • Exclusive rewards
  • New game modes

Payable DLC (Season Pass)

  • Holiday Pack
  • Booster Pack
  • Ep. Gladiolus
  • Ep. Ignis
  • Ep. Prompto
  • Expansion : Comrades +Co-op Mode

Final Fantasy XV is becoming a huge success for Square Enix becoming their fastest selling game. Check out our Final Fantasy XV page for more news!


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