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Final Fantasy XV has finally released worldwide 11/29/6 after 10 years in the making! We are dedicated to provide gamers a thorough review (SPOILER FREE) for Final Fantasy XV from main story to side quest. Review will be updated after a few chapters completed. Hope our review is helpful as well enjoyable to read.

Chapter 1 – The Departure

I truly enjoy how the game starts with a serious cut scene that leaves you hanging but thirst for more to find out what exactly is taking place. The tutorial in my opinion was enjoyable because before getting too involved with the game the player will have more understanding of the games UI and fighting mechanics. It left me smiling wanting to keep on fighting creating my own fighting combinations of magic and various weapons. As much as it was fun I did have a couple of camera angle issues when stuck in the corner, in where I had to adjust with the left analog stick.

Once the player completes the tutorial, The player will continue with the main story of the game introducing Prince Noctis and his 3 friends Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. Truly shows the four friends personalities, behaviors and there relationship, which makes it even more enjoyable when exploring as well fighting together. I was actually concerned about this prior to playing the game, wasn’t sure if the game was going to be quiet and boring with these three AI friends just tagging along. But it actually works out and the developers did a great job with it, The characters talk to one another, praise each other during combat as well provides advice during certain scenarios. In this chapter of The Departure you also take on your first beast to get the player in the swing of things testing out the teams individual specials. Don’t worry no grinding needed to take on this beast. It’s only the first chapter and plenty of more to play. Will keep you posted for Chapter 2. Can also check the video section under Final Fantasy XV to see Chapter 1 gameplay!

Chapter 2 [Updated Dec 05]

After 10 hours into the game completing bounties to level up and make money known as gil and completing numerous side missions, I still find myself enjoying the game. Once you get to chapter 2, things start to pick up with the story and can’t seem to put it down! I’m currently level 12, the elements and the events in which takes place in the main story has got me even more engaged. There’s also more features available such as weapon upgrades, more side quest, fishing and completing your first dungeon. Chapter 2 is way more enjoyable, now certain I do enjoy this game and was not just hype. The scale of this game so far is amazing and the scale of the beast you find is ridiculously awesome! Will keep you updated once I finish more chapters in the game regarding fighting mechanics and Elemency.

Chapter 7 [Update]

Now 35hrs into the game and still enjoying it even more than I did previously. Once I got into Chapter 4, the game started to pick up the pace with story elements and some awesome action. The story definitely picks up keeping the player engaged, however I highly recommend to watch the movie “Kingsglaive” and the 5 episodic anime series “Brotherhood”. In my opinion if a player has not watched the anime nor the movie the player will either get lost or may not fully understand the games story telling. Some of the game story elements goes in parallel with the movie Kingsglaive, You can determine what events has taken place within the game story line. Which is awesome because it truly ties the two together.

In regards to the action, I finally felt powerful enough to kick ass exploring the world fighting these crazy creative creatures in the game, such as one similar to a jaguar, wolves and a giraffe. Just the other day, I took on a huge rooster… enormous rooster Lol and was getting my ass kicked. I just could not stop laughing and take it seriously. There is so much to do at this point, The player can take over bases, find more rare materials, upgrade the Regalia, can upgrade the weapons for the team and complete dungeons. During this period of the game the player will get there first summon. I have 2 summons at this time and it’s so EPIC when used. But I do have some issues with it though, On the screen it will display when a summon is available and what button to press however it never works on the first try. For me would say “Hold LT” and I would hold it with my dear life. Summoning can get a little frustrating especially when you are about to die and tired of using items to stay alive for another 3 seconds before you die again. Then after so many failed attempts, randomly goes to a cut scene showing the summoned one literally destroying anything and everything in its radius. I have not been able to determine if the summons are selected by random, but once again when it works its the best thing ever!

Final Review [updated 12/19/16]

Now more than 50 hours worth of gameplay, I have completed the story. A bitter sweet feeling, a feeling of accomplishment but sad to know I’m done for now. I still agree with everything I wrote earlier in my review, would have to say Final Fantasy XV is my favorite installment from the series.  However as much as I do not want to say anything negative- as I truly enjoyed Final Fantasy XV, The final quarter of the game was a bit messy to be honest. Once you reach chapter 11 the player is no longer able to complete side quest, free roam or finish collecting the Royal Arms. I was really upset at this point, As I did not feel ready to just go forth and beat the story at the time. I assumed would be able to finish a story quest and go back to free roam to level up, was only at level 39..but nope was forced to continue the story. (So just an fyi DO NOT pursue the story after Chapter 11 if you wish to continue free roam). From Chapters 12-14 the story felt rushed, some scenes felt chopped as if more content was to be shown, Some key characters background info or story elements was not told leaving me surprised and puzzled. Two bosses randomly appear in the game with no explanation or tie-in to the story, (still has me thinking of why they were added to begin with) As well did not clarify the motives of another key character.  It was still fun to play through however like I said before, This part of the game just felt rushed. The ending was great along with the final cut scene that left me with the feels Lol. I would definitely recommend the game to anyone who enjoys RPG especially the series of Final Fantasy. The development team from Square Enix did announce an update will be released in the future to expand the story, In which I would be happy to play again!


  • Visuals
  • Combat System
  • Characters


  • Incomplete chapters
  • Summons
  • Load times


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