Rise Of The Tomb Raider


How To Translate The Monolith

How To Translate The Monolith

In the beginning in the story, you play as Lara Croft trying to reach the Prophets Tomb before another organization known as Trinity does. This is the area before you get to the temple where the Prophets Tomb is located, has some hidden treasure you can find.


First you would need to locate all of the Murals within the area. Once you do, you’ll unlock the ability to translate the monolith and then receive a notification to find the hidden treasures you’ve unlocked within the area.

To find the hidden treasure, the player can pull up the map and notice a pulsing icon. Now head to the direction of the icon and would need to pay attention to the vibration of your controller to find the spot in which the treasure is located in the ground. Now you will have the hidden treasure and unlocked level 1 translation in the game!

Can also watch the gameplay video below!

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