Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Dream Drop How To Defeat Wargoyle


Defeating Wargoyle in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 was absolutely difficult. Check out our article and featured video that you can use to finally help you beat Wargoyle. We provided an in depth tutorial and a video.

Defeating Wargoyle was absolutely difficult and it could be because I was at a lower level at the time (approx. Level 07). To be honest after 8 failed attempts I had finally defeated Wargoyle! Was a drop the mic moment as I was dedicated to defeat this boss at the time.

This Wargoyle version is when fighting using Riku!

Playing as Riku, you’ll face Wargoyle on top of the bell tower. Due to the fire below, Riku is able to take advantage to stay afloat and battle Wargoyle. The strategy I came up with after being defeated numerous of times was, equip all physical attacks and stock up on potions (used approx. 8). Stay above the fire to remain elevated and use the space given. Carefully watch how Wargoyle attacks, when he glows purple immediately evade and attack, he’ll shoot at you for a god 5 sec (continue to evade until he’s done) and when would turned into flames wait for the first spin, then evade and wait a sec to attack. When Wargoyle goes into flames and spins is a damaging attack, he would not only attack you, he’ll also grab you take you back to the clock tower and slam you down causing additional damage. If you get caught in this attack make sure to have the potion command ready. Countering Wargoyle is very effective, so just take your time. Once you get the timing down, the battle will get easier and will finally defeat Wargoyle!

When using Sora character this version of Wargoyle was a lot easier (whew! I was happy) Lol. What I would recommend as a strategy is make sure you have potions just in case (this should be a default tip), equip magic range attacks and stay against the walls to use flow-motion combos. Also if you have your spirit animal link feel free to use it. I did! I still have bounce ability assigned. Wargoyle has a lot of different moves this time around, He can extend his arms to throw punches and create a spinning attack with fire spears creating aa deadly combo against you. so 2 tips for you, When Wargoyle spins out of control just let him miss, he’ll eventually pass out.. Seriously?! Yes.. he will and just lay on the floor catching his breath. What are you for go cause some damage! Just pay very close attention you’ll notice a ring underneath him develop, once you do dash out the way. Rinse and repeat and should easily defeat this version of Wargoyle!

Watch the gameplay video here – Hope you enjoy!


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