Square Enix Announce Partnership With Marvel


Square Enix has announced a new partnership with Marvel and the two will join forces in creating a new game. The game to everyone’s surprise is titled “The Avengers Project” for now. Take a look at a sneak peak!

Now I am absolutely excited about the news, as many were. Come to think, it make sense, Disney also collaborated with Square Enix with the Kingdom Hearts Series, Selling over 25 million copies as of 2013. Sales does not even include the new HD editions coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2017. They collaborated key Disney characters with Final Fantasy Characters for Kingdom Hearts. Knowing Final Fantasy has sold well over 115 million units, imagine the possibilities with Marvel.

Marvel as we all know, is a huge success for the comic book genre, cartoons, the movies and games. “The Avengers” Film grossed over $1 billion world wide and is a still on going series. This partnership may be the biggest impact in gaming! Square Enix also shared the development team assigned to the new project would be Crystal Dynamics, the team responsible for the awesome new rebooted series Tomb Raider! I can’t wait for more news and details to be surfaced, trust me once they do will be posted right here.

Below is the new Avengers Project teaser trailer


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