How to Complete The Coastal Tomb Guide


Tomb Raider DE : The Coastal Tomb Guide

Is the first tomb discovered in the beginning of the game. Once you have reached the Coastal Forest on the far right you will notice a waterfall. At the waterfall the player will notice white writings on the walls and will see the secret entrance to the Coastal Tomb. Follow the path until you find yourself in front of an airplane, Now on the left hand side the player would need to reach the lanterns and throw the fire lanterns on the stilts holding the air plane covered in some white material. Once all the stilts are damage, when facing in front of thee air plane again, on the right and side will see a board in which the player would have to knock down as well would need to use the bow and arrow to burn the cache boxes across once reached. At this time the player should have the airplane in the position to climb on. Once the player has reached mid way, one more fire lantern would need to be thrown inside the air plane to burn the remaining cache boxes to allow Lara to jump into the air plane and climb all the way up to collect the artifact.

Watch how KrazyCarnage21 completes the Coastal Tomb below!



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